Bienvenue! Welcome!

Hello, dear readers and welcome to my blog!
First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Chontelle, and I am currently a senior in college studying French on the way to becoming a high school French teacher, hence the fancy French title of the blog. You should know that languages in general fascinate me – maybe because I grew up in a Filipino household in California constantly surrounded by two languages.

If I’m going to be completely honest, I’m not entirely sure what direction this blog is going to go. Most likely I will focus on the fairly vague themes of language and education. Obviously, these two things often go hand in hand. Language gives us the tools to educate and to be educated so that we can share with each other our ideas and thoughts and to create new knowledge. But language can also be a barrier in education when the teacher and the student do not share the same language background. I will explore different techniques and tips for learning and teaching a foreign language. Can you really learn a language from an app? Maybe I’ll do a post teaching some French words or sharing some weird stories from my time abroad. Who knows.

No doubt my own educational journey will be the center of more than one post as what is more entertaining than an aspiring educator struggling with the impending doom of the CSET? (For those of you outside of California, the CSET is a very scary subject competency test for future teachers).

So, welcome to this new adventure of mine!

À bientôt! See you soon!


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