Association Ulysse

10682259_891630984194216_7075234139645928365_oRecently, I did a little bit of virtual experimentation by editing my first ever Wikipedia post. I, like most people these days, visit Wikipedia often to check random facts or help understand certain concepts. I think it is a very useful tool, but most professors would never accept it as a legitimate source because of the fact that anyone can create an account and edit an article. Wikipedia is seen as unreliable because of this aspect of it. I, however, think its accessibility make it an amazing space to share knowledge. The site lessens this idea that knowledge should only be shared by so-called experts. Wikipedia democratizes knowledge sharing.

While I was in France, I studied at Lille 3 University. For my Wikipedia post, I decided to take my host university’s page and add information about what I think is the best part of that university. I have mentioned in previous posts that my experience there was not all positive. Before my trip, the people at the study abroad office at my home university warned me that I would not have the same resources or support system I have here in terms of advisors who could answer my questions, but I definitely underestimated their words. In all honesty, I found the school to be incredibly disorganized and the teachers to be constantly la10533833_958000377548643_123280929964931168_nte to class and usually not very helpful. The international student office was a complete mess. A couple of my friends wrote about their own experiences at Lille 3, and I encourage you to check those out if you’re interested.

Anyway…that “best part” I was talking about is called Club Ulysse, or Association Ulysse. It’s a club targeted toward international students to become more acclimated to the university. You can sign up for a French partner who can show you around the school and the city and, of course, your language development. I took advantage of their almost weekly trips to different cities around Europe. Thanks to Club Ulysse, I saw Amsterdam, Bruges, Paris, Versailles, Luxembourg City, and London with some of my best friends at a discounted price. The club was run by an extremely outgoing man named Maxime who also ran Cafe Ulysse which became a hub for international students in between classes. Some of my fondest memories were made through Ulysse, and it definitely deserves to be a part of Lille 3’s Wikipedia legacy.



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